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Tagi Qolouvaki

A literary treat for your Friday

A beautiful poem by one of the diasporadic679 artists…

Untitled/secrets or Confessions
By Tagi Qolouvaki

I release


These secrets

This one

And this one

About my mothers

About myself

I will peel the skin off this secret

Spoon out its soft


Feed them

To you

This one I will crack open

Like a coconut

Under the blunt edge of a machete

I will pour out its juice

And bathe you in it

So you awaken

And I heal

I will re-seed

My center

Fill my



With sweetness

Grow new skin

Soft and brown

I will retrieve

My soul from


Stained glass


Of childhood

And peace will leak

Through my pores

Like sweat

The scent of guava

Vinaka Tagi :’)


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