Luisa Tora

Seamy (2010)
Digital photograph
Dimensions variable

Artist Statement
This image forces you to look at it and prompts further enquiry. If it doesn’t induce you to step up to it for a closer look, it makes you do a double take as you pass it. This piece speaks to the need to consider Pacific people at an individual level rather than as one nebulous mass that originates from a Gondwanaland-style place called “The Islands”. The need for closer scrutiny and individual consideration is particularly poignant for queer Pacific Islanders who, despite some cultural allowances, remain largely invisible in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Fiji native, Luisa Tora works with poetry and visual art around themes of gender, sexuality and militarism. She co-curated VASU: Pacific Women of Power in 2008 (Fiji’s first all-woman multimedia exhibition), and co-edited the accompanying publication. The qualified journalist recently started a zine called Diasporadic where she rambles on about all things brown, queer and female. She spends a lot of energy writing to, for, and about girls; and is an avid art groupie.

Website: http://diasporadic679.tumblr.com/



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