Tagi Qolouvaki

Na Gauna I Liu (2011)
Acrylic paint, family photographs, Fiji-English dictionary
760 x 570 mm

Artist Statement
Na gauna i liu, or, the time ahead/in front, is Fijian for the past. I take this concept, of time as circular or more spiral than linear, from Epeli Hau’ofa’s We Are the Ocean. For me, it is a personal and political call to action to reconnect to, and learn from, our living genealogies/histories/stories/traditions/ indigenous technologies and lifeways in order to imagine and create/story decolonial futures. In this collage, I use elements that represent my own journey home and my work to forge relationships to Na gauna i liu and across the Diaspora. These elements include language, women’s creative and communal work, the ocean and the vanua (and representations in particular of my family). The collage is also an/other reading of the flag.

Tagi Qolouvaki is Fijian-Tongan on her mother’s side and German-English on her dad’s side. She was born and raised in Fiji and identifies as queer, feminist and as a lover of stories. She left Fiji for the United States half a lifetime ago and is currently a full time Ph.D. student in Pacific literatures at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa.


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